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Owens Corning

Owens Corning is a US Fortune 500 company with approximately 19,000 employees in manufacturing, sales and research facilities in more than 26 countries on six continents.

As the leader in building material and fiberglass composite area in the world, Owens Corning devotes itself to bringing the most advanced technology as well as products and systems of the best quality to Asia Pacific. Today, Owens Corning has 7 plants in Asia, producing products including Fiberglass insulation, Foamular®-Metric, Vinyl Siding, Shingles, Langeo Stone™ etc.

Fiberglas® All-Service Duct Wrap

Fiberglas® All-Service Duct Wrap insulation is a blanket of glass fibers, factory-laminated to a Foil-scrim-Kraft (FSK) vapor retarder facing or other designated foil.

It is used to insulate commercial and residential heating, air conditioning and dual-temperature ducts operating at temperatures from 4℃ to 121℃.

Fiberglas® Rigid Board Insulation

Fiberglas Rigid Board Insulations are lightweight, resilient and flexible insulations in board form, used on vessels with irregular surfaces where an exterior finish will be supported mechanically. Semi-rigid boards for use on equipment, vessels, air conditioning ductwork. A high strength rigid board for use on chillers, hot and cold equipment, and heating and air conditioning ductwork where high abuse resistance and good appearance is required.

Fiberglas® Rigid Pipe Insulation

Fiberglas® Rigid Pipe Insulation is jacketed with a smooth reinforced Foil-Scrim-Kraft (FSK) or Double-sided-Facing (DSF) vapor retarder jacket. Applications are in the ambient temperature range from -4℃ to 454℃.

It can be used for hot, cold, concealed and exposed piping operating at temperatures up to 454℃ in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, residential construction and process or power paints for both thermal and acoustical insulation.

Fiberglas® Duct Liner

Fiberglas Duct Liners are supplied with a tough, factory-applied Black Glass Tissue (BGT) facing. It enhance indoor air quality by absorbing noise within sheet metal ducts, also lowering heat loss or gain through duct walls. They are applied to the interiors of ducts or plenums with adhesives and metal fasteners.

FOAMULAR® -metric XPS insulation

Foamular is polystyrene foam insulation extruded into panels by UCI’S patented Hydrovac™ process with develops continuous skin surface and closed-cell cores.


It is available for a wide-range of applications including cold storage buildings, PRMA (protected roof membrane assemblies), direct to deck on metal building roofs, exterior wall insulation systems (on buildings) and civil construction projects. When applied to cold storage buildings, Foamular Metric maintains its low thermal conductivity in the presence of a high water-vapor drive even after prolonged exposure to moisture and freezing conditions.

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