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OPS Pipe Hanger

OPS Pipe Hanger is designed for easy installation and wide applications. The removable inner semi-circular split disks with various diameters inside the pipe hanger can be selected to suit the diameter of the pipe.


The OPS pipe hanger is made of POLYLAC ABS (PA-765A) which is flame retardant under UL94 rating. It consists of two main parts, i.e. the half rings and the removable inner semi-circular split disks which can be inserted into or taken out from the half rings.

The ring consists of an upper half ring and a lower half ring. A stem head with inner thread hole int he upper half ring can provide fixation vertically from the ceiling with M8 or M10 stainless steel rod or horizontally to the wall with appropriate screw.

The half rings can be easily locked with two screws. In the way, it can save both time and labour in installation.

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