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Flow-Tech Chemical-Free Water Treatment

Flow-Tech is a truly effective chemical-free water treatment product for your water system. Unlike many other “physical”, “non-chemical” water treatment products in the market, Flow-Tech COMPLETELY eliminates the need for any chemical while achieving superior water quality compliant to local regulations. Flow-Tech transforms the way you maintain your water system which is essentially a powerful, environmentally friendly treatment program through non-intrusive installation.


Scale Prevention

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Bacterial Control

Flow-Tech has two physical ways of controlling microbial population in a water system: Encapsulation and Electroporation.


  • Bacteria are suspended particles

    • They can become sites for precipitation

    • They can be drawn into the ever-growing powder

  • Bacteria are not killed but are limited in their ability to excrete wastes, obtain nutrients

  • Bacteria are limited in their ability to reproduce


  • High frequency pulses damage membrane walls

  • Pulses do not kill bacteria

  • Creates pores / holes in walls

  • Bacteria expend energy to repair damage

  • Limits reproduction

Corrosion inhibition


Reduce Environmental Impact 

Keep drinking water clean, reduce water usage, and reduce municipality and environmental impact.

Minimize Failure Points

Avoid having more moving parts than necessary..

LEED Points

Earn credits for Water Efficiency, indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation in Design.

Improve Energy Usage

Allow your system to run as it was designed to without the efficiency losses that come with scale and biofilm, which is 4x more insulating that calcium scale.

Protect Equipment

Avoid damaging equipment with extreme and costly means of scale and biofilm removal.

Chemical Hazards

Eliminate the ordering, moving, storage, handling, an potential injury and environmental risk of toxic chemicals.


Water Savings

Reduce blowdown, reuse water for irrigation, displace potable water and eliminate discharge fees.


Increase productivity by reducing system downtime and labor spent on equipment maintenance.

System Efficiency

Prevent detrimental operational deficiencies that result from scale deposition, biologic fouling, and corrosion.

Proven Track Records

Bacterial Count

  • 951 samples test for Total Bacteria Count, 100% met EMSD requirement, 97% exceeded by 10 times, 82% exceeded by 100 times

  • 380 samples test for Legionella, “Not Detected” in 100% of samples

reduced 2-04.png

Energy Saving

  • At a commercial building in Wan Chai Hong Kong has proven an energy saving of 6% after deployment of Flow-Tech Chemical-Free Water Treatment which led to a payback period of 20 months

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Water Saving

  • 75% reduction of bleedoff water

  • 18% reduction of makeup water

  • Achieved at least 12 Cycle of Concentration (CoC) at condensing water circuit with WAVE deployed.

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